Our podcast's new home away from home

Martin Packer and I have decided that we are moving podcast publishers. After much planning and many reviews, we've decided to move off the IBM location to another home - hopefully our last.  We have selected:

https://anchor.fm/marna-walle  (our new podcast is called "Mainframe, Performance, Topics Podcast" here)

If you listened to our Episode #25, you'll know that we talked about moving from our old location as it wasn't deemed "strategic" anymore.  (You might have noticed that Martin worked weeks, if not months, on moving his blogs too, and this is something no one wants to do more than once in a lifetime.)  We don't plan on moving podcast publishers again.   

This post is a plea for all old subscribers to subscribe to our "new" podcast.  And, if you are not a podcast subscriber, maybe you'd like to give us a listen!?  If you don't know our format, we cover one mainframe topic, one performance topic, and then one dealer's choice topic.  I like to keep the episode to less than 30 minutes, and Martin, well, he is fine going a little over that.

I've moved all our old episodes from our old podcast (called "Mainframe, Performance, Topics" without the "Podcast") to the new publisher, so you can catch up on old episodes at the new location.  

Our new podcast stream is available on all the popular podcast apps*, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it. If you search for 'mainframe performance' two podcasts will appear:  our old one ("Mainframe, Performance, Topics") and our new one ("Mainframe, Performance, Topics Podcast").  The old one has an older computer icon podcast graphic, the new one has a photo of Martin and me.   Hopefully the photo won't scare you away.

New episodes will only be published on the new location.  Speaking of new episodes...we were halfway done recording Episode #26, but then we were sidetracked with SHARE in Ft Worth and then self-quarantining.  We've even got future episodes sketched out at this point. 

If you have trouble finding our podcast in your app, or even if you need help finding a good app to use, I'd be happy to help.


* Our podcast is available on these apps (listed alphabetically):  Anchor, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and Spotify.  


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