Thought Leadership: Digital Disruption and Cybersecurity

Digital Disruption and Cybersecurity

Digital disruption is all around us. Defined as technology developments that challenge traditional business models and foster quicker and more direct engagement with customers, digital disruption carries with it both opportunity and risk. When it comes to the latter, this changes the game with regards to cybersecurity. At this year’s EXECUforum event, Mark Wilson, technical director with RSM Partners, tackles this topic, providing deep insight into cybersecurity and mainframe security hints and tips. We caught up with Wilson to find out a bit of what to expect during his session.

SHARE: At this year’s EXECUforum event, you will be presenting on the topic of digital transformation and the effect on cybersecurity across the enterprise. Can you provide a brief summary of your presentation?

Wilson: Digital transformation enables unprecedented opportunity to increase business agility, innovation, and growth. Cybersecurity is essential to secure and underpin any digital transformation strategy and will continue to be even more critical as consumer-driven and people-driven connected technology promotes innovation.

BYOD and the Internet of Things (IoT), will fuel rapid growth in the number of devices connected to the internet. Current thinking predicts that by 2025, more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. As the “system of record”, the mainframe, for many organizations, is a key underpinning technology and should not be forgotten when considering digital transformation and cybersecurity.

Appropriate cybersecurity practices are essential for securing your organization’s digital transformation. This session will look at the challenges organizations will face on their digital transformation journey and suggest some of the cybersecurity and mainframe practices that should be considered when undergoing digital transformation.

SHARE: What are the key takeaways that SHARE members can expect from your presentation? What are some common challenges that your presentation will help solve?

Wilson: Coming away from this session, attendees should expect cybersecurity and mainframe security hints and tips. These are important for any organization undergoing or about to undergo a digital transformation.

SHARE: Why is it important for SHARE colleagues to come together at an event like EXECUforum? What are you most looking forward to?

Wilson: I believe that EXECUforum is important for the SHARE community to come together to offer networking opportunities for executives, and to allow them to gain insight into the challenges facing many organizations, one of which is cybersecurity.

This will be my first time attending and presenting at EXECUforum, so I am looking forward to meeting many new people, and hopefully entertaining them throughout my presentation.














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