Do you have any thoughts on IBM Z resiliency?

After a nice long vacation with a couple of hikes in beautiful Alaska, it's been hard catching up in the world of Z.  I think I'm ahead of most of my email now, and I've seen an interesting survey that I wanted to share. 

We (at least those of us working on z/OS for while) know that z/OS' resiliency is world class.  I also know that many environments don't take advantage of many of the availability and resiliency enhancements we've got, and many times with good reasons.  If you would like to participate in a brief survey (one web page, eight questions, and some free form text boxes) to give us your input, please go to:

This survey covers Linux on Z, as well as z/OS, so if you want to share this survey with your Linux on Z counterparts, please do so.  As you can guess, this participation is voluntary and we hope to gather information on how to make IBM Z even  more resilient with the responses.  Thanks in advance if you choose to participate!



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