IBM Systems Magazine: Editor's Picks for SHARE

Explore hot topics in enterprise IT from IBM Systems Magazine editors. Check out hand-picked articles on such topics as improving password security, mainframe collaboration and more.

IBM z Systems Supports Modern Languages, Tools, Optimization and Processes

IBM z Systems supports new and legacy applications, the latest languages, up-to-date tools and key processes to give clients modern mainframe options.


How to Improve Password Security

IT professionals have been in a constant race for decades to make systems more secure.


Easily Modernize Applications to Stay Competitive

Not all application modernization tactics require a complete replacement of the application either by rewrite or replacement by a commercial off-the-shelf package.


Migrate to KDFAES for Stronger Encryption of RACF Passwords

Strategies can make deployment of KDFAES encryption of all RACF passwords easier.


Sam Knutson Believes Collaboration Helps Mainframes Evolve

Reg Harbeck talks with Sam Knutson, a prominent mainframer who has been involved in both the vendor side and private industry side on the platform.

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