IBM Systems Magazine: Editor's Picks for SHARE - March 2017

Explore hot topics in enterprise IT from IBM Systems Magazine editors. Check out hand-picked articles on such topics as virtualization, IBM's new security analytics approach and more.

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS Announced

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS transforms the platform into a cognitive learning system through continuous feedback, which simplifies model retraining.


Improve Performance and Efficiency With Hybrid and All-Flash Storage

Many z/OS clients benefit from performance and efficiency gains by implementing flash storage and the IBM DS8000 family.


Virtualization’s Past Helps Explain Its Current Importance

With VM celebrating 45 years as an IBM product, it's a good time to look at the history of virtualization technology and what it means today.


IBM’s New Security Analytics Approach: QRadar Network Insights

A new generation of security analytics works by gathering all information, scraping what may be relevant, correlating this data with third party information and making security assessments in near real-time.


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