In Memoriam: Patricia Egen

SHARE Director for Volunteer Resources 1999–2001

Pat Egen Image 1.jpgPatricia (“Pat”) began her SHARE career focused on office systems. She served as Project Officer and Deputy Project Manager for the PROFS project, Project Manager for the OWL (Office, Workstations, LANS) project, Cluster Leader for Office Systems and Business Technologies clusters, Manager of Human Resources, and subsequently the Director for Volunteer Resources. 

She was president and owner of Patricia Egen Consulting, a Sage Platinum reseller and IBM Business partner, which she started in 1997. With over 30 years of experience in IT, her technical specialties included project management, networking, social media, Microsoft Office, Access and Lotus Notes, and Domino Application development and training. 

Pat certainly was an extraordinary IT professional, who was recognized as an outstanding speaker for dPat Egen Image 2.jpgelivering technical sessions and as a skilled author for developing high-quality technical papers, but it was her creative and nurturing spirit, which she shared so freely with her friends and coworkers, that made her so much a part of our lives. 

It was no surprise that she took on the Volunteer Resources portfolio in her Board years at SHARE — she was clear that “the issue most dear to my heart is our volunteers.” Pat was a pioneer in developing mentoring programs, in designing sessions and activities focused on women in IT, and in building a peer recognition program that continues today, the RAVE award. It was so named to “Recognize a Valiant Effort” — and she indeed epitomized the spirit of the RAVE.

Mike Stack shares his memories of Patricia.

For anyone in our SHARE family who wishes to pay respects or share a memory of Pat with Don and her family, you can do so here.

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