Message from SHARE: Delivering Security to Providence

CroppedHeadshot_DonnaHudi.jpgEnterprise security is a topic that is very important to Members of SHARE. This is why we ensure security is a major theme included throughout all of our channels—from our events to our educational programs to our content you read on a regular basis.

And as we gear up for SHARE Providence 2017 this August, I eagerly await the conversations that will emerge from this event around the topic of security. After all, when you bring together some of the best minds in enterprise technology it’s only natural to expect big things. And of course that means we must, in turn, deliver them very big things as well.

This starts with a special SHARE Academy session on z/OS Security Essentials Bootcamp. SHARE Academy is something that we debuted at SHARE San Antonio 2016— billed as a day-long seminar designed to provide a deeper dive into some of the hottest topics facing enterprise IT professionals today.

SHARE Academies fall into two categories: Immersions and Boot Camps. Immersion: A “deep dive” into a particular subject area. Boot Camp: An introductory course designed to give participants a grounding in a particular topic area and help them get more out of related material presented in sessions during the week. Providence will mark the fourth SHARE event over the past two years in which we have hosted SHARE Academy.

The idea behind z/OS Security Essentials Bootcamp is to help participants expand their knowledge of how z/OS integrity plays a critical part in the overall system and data security of their organization. Our presenters Mark Wilson, Paul Robichaux, Phil Emrich, and Eysha Shirrine Powers will lead participants through a series of lecture and demo sessions focused on the skills needed to perform their own integrity/security review. This will include the tools available, the development of an integrity plan, and more. 

And this course isn’t just for security administrators. It’s actually quite the contrary, as we are gearing it towards any professional who seeks an understanding of how security and integrity are interconnected to comply with regulations around data privacy and integrity.

Of course, this is just one of the many items related to security scheduled for SHARE Providence. We are in the midst of planning out the agenda for this event, and lining up some of the very best speakers and sessions related to security, as well as Z/OS 2.3, Blockchain, Docker, and more. Check back often as we work to develop the agenda.

When it comes to enterprise security we need to be fully armed as professionals in order to stay one-step ahead of the growing number of cyber threats. In doing so, I encourage you to share your tips and ideas—as they don’t just make for good stories, they also make for great outcomes.

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