Message from SHARE: The Security Tools to Perform

By Donna Hudi, Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, SHARErsz_croppedheadshot_donnahudi.jpg

Are you prepared to “rehearse the future?” I like this phrase, shared by one of our presenters at SHARE® Providence, because it tends to encapsulate the seemingly unattainable task that security administrators are up against on a daily basis: Prepare for anything!

When you think about what that means – to prepare for anything – it all comes down to working with a set of tools that allow you to be nimble enough to handle all threats that come your way. And when it comes to mainframe security, being nimble is rapidly becoming the name of the game.

At SHARE® Sacramento, taking place March 11-16, 2018, we are building a schedule of technical sessions that includes plenty of security-focused topics. The idea is to provide you with the resources where you leave with new concepts, tips and updates to stay in-the-know of all the happenings in the world of enterprise security – from preventing data breaches to authenticating users.  

As we prepare for SHARE® Sacramento, I’d like to look back on a session presented at SHARE® Providence. In “Protect Your Data at Rest With zOS Data Set Encryption,” Cecilia Lewis of IBM Corporation talks about protecting data at rest, and how z/OS data set encryption encrypts sensitive data using z Systems hardware acceleration and how built in chip encryption helps accomplish this. Data set encryption provides a simple, transparent and consumable approach to enable extensive encryption of data at rest on disk through DFSMS access methods without application changes.

Cecilia walks through the value of this system, considerations, how to implement, and additional resources. This is a must for Security and Storage Administrators required to protect customer data.

Those who make the trip to Sacramento will find that topics like this, and others, will be explored in detail, providing the technical tools and knowledge needed to bring new ways of thinking to your organization.

Will this session and others to come help you “rehearse the future?” That’s hard to say. But what I can say is that the expertise shared by our speakers at SHARE® Sacramento will make you feel a whole lot better when it comes time to perform.

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