Partner Forum: The World Needs More Mainframers

Mainframes have increased in importance as the application economy has taken hold of organizations’ digital priorities, most notably with the continued rise in mobile transactions and app-enabled services. However, the IT workforce that grew up on mainframe technology is hitting a point where many are preparing for post-career life, and in their wake is a younger IT workforce that lacks the same level of knowledge and skills relevant to mainframes. If companies are to maintain a functioning and innovative operation, educating and training IT personnel on the mainframe must be prioritized. Otherwise, organizations risk not only instability in their IT operations, but also a challenging path to participation in the application economy.

That’s why CA Technologies, in partnership with SHARE, is pleased to sponsor the Mainframe Academy Scholarship Program. Mainframe Academy with CA Technologies is a curriculum of core mainframe programming skills designed to accelerate learning and technical achievement via real-world scenarios and specialized courses. This comprehensive, vendor-agnostic immersion program is delivered with a unique, flexible blend of instructor-led, web-based and self-paced learning.

Today, global banks, insurance agencies, governments and utilities rely on mainframe experts to ensure their systems can handle billions of transactions and massive workloads each day. Skilled technologists are needed to write code, develop applications, troubleshoot issues and ensure a smooth integration with distributed servers and the cloud. The Mainframe Academy teaches core skills to manage the mainframe environment—from programming and application development in z/OS and virtual server management to managing batch jobs and data sets. This same courseware is used to train incoming associate software engineers at CA and is designed to offer on-the job training, giving graduates of the program a solid path for the future.  

Mainframe Academy with CA Technologies includes:

  • 220+ hours of training
  • 26 mastery tests
  • 3 certification exams focused on a targeted spectrum of mainframe processing, programming concepts and applications.

Scholarship winners will join an elite corps of technologists who are leading enterprises toward a new era of customer service with mainframe, distributed, cloud and mobile technologies – all of which are mission essential in the application economy. 

Requirements to apply include:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be working towards a career in Information Technology
  • Must have less than five years of professional IT experience
  • Must be a current student or a graduate from an accredited institution
  • Aptitude for critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Submit an essay, not to exceed 500 words
    • Describe why you need this scholarship?
    • How will this scholarship help you meet your educational goals?
    • How will this scholarship help you meet your career goals?
    • What are your major accomplishments that build toward your career goals?
  • Complete Call for Entries form

SHARE Inc., an independent organization for technology professionals, will select the scholarship recipients. Scholarships will be awarded to those individuals who demonstrate a desire to master mainframe programming skills based on the essay and critical thinking submission. Each scholarship serves as a credit toward the tuition fees for Mainframe Academy with CA Technologies. Take advantage of this great opportunity to develop your core mainframe programming skills and have someone else pick up the tab!

Send in Your Scholarship Application Today

The deadline for applications is Friday, July 22. Visit the CA Technologies website to download your application.

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