President's Corner

What a way to start the week! Speaking to a full room in the General Session, Miles O’Brien gave us quite a thought-provoking presentation on the intersection of our industry and the environment. His insights into the impact that computer manufacturing and use have on our planet were quite sobering. At the same time, he was clear that technology is also at the heart of how we will be able to understand the problems and create the solutions that will reverse the alarming environmental trends we see today.

Karl Freund echoed a similar theme in his System z keynote showing IBM’s commitment to a smarter planet and the role of evolving System z technology in addressing issues of green IT. Karl also spoke to the importance of helping customers see how an investment in System z is an investment in a long-term growth path for enterprise IT. Unveiling IBM’s directions for the platform for the coming years represents a major shift from the days when such details were revealed only in confidential disclosure meetings. Look for the new advertising campaign on mainframe myths in various trade publications - the ones Karl shared in his presentation were both amusing and informative. Jose Castano’s briefing on the details of System z directions really got the audience’s attention and many people were clustered in conversation with Jose and Karl at the end of the session.

With the Technology Exchange opening at 4:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon, the week is now well and truly underway with opportunities for attendees to engage with speakers, vendors, and each other.  The photos of Monday's events that you’ll find throughout this newsletter recap what was an excellent start to the week.

As you gather with friends at the end of a busy SHARE day, you might be looking for dining within walking distance. SHARENews Daily has dining recommendations each day. If you’re looking for some truly authentic Tex-Mex, you might want to give Jamie’s Spanish Village a try. It’s at 802 Red River  about a 4-5 block walk from the Convention Center or Hilton depending on which door you walk out of - and it’s been in the same location under the same proprietorship for over 40 years. It’s about as traditional Tex-Mex as you can find within walking distance and the locals definitely recommend it.

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