SHARE in San Francisco MVS wrapup

Good morning gentle-sysprogs. It's Friday of SHARE week and that means several things, in no particular order:

It feels like I just got here.

I am wistful about leaving my very good friends here at SHARE

I am dreading the long flight.

I lost five pounds being too busy to eat.(We should use that in SHARE marketing materials!)

I have no clean underwear with me.

Ok, TMI on that last one. So this will be a rather short blog as I just wanted to check in and give you my brief SHARE wrapup thoughts.This was one of the best SHARE's I have ever been to. Though San Francisco was a bit cold, the content in the sessions was red hot. We started off the week with our project kickoffs and the IBMers starting to talk about z/OS 2.1. John Eell's preview should have allayed any fears that the two year release cycle meant IBM was slacking off. 2.1 is packed with great function, and I was particularly impressed by the info that it addresses 25% of the SHARE MVS project's Top 39 requirements.That is responsiveness and committment to customers!

It was also absolutely amazing of IBM to align this announcement with SHARE week...what better place and time! Thanks!

This is a volunteer effort and there are always plenty of people to thank, but I want to just start off with Dave Danner, Bette Brody and Marna Walle for pulling together and making up for someone who couldn't attend.

I need to run, but I'll have more on Monday! In the meantime, start taking a look at some of these SHARE presentations, including John Eells at

Till next time,

Mary Anne



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