Want to REST or Get WET in Orlando

By Steve Warren, Client Web Enablement Toolkit Technical Lead, IBM

Have you ever wished your existing z/OS application could easily play in the web application world?  There are so many REST APIs published from every possible category on the net imaginable (everything from getting current weather conditions, finding directions, purchasing stocks, ordering products, and so much more!).  Wouldn't it be great if your z/OS application could leverage these published web interfaces in an extremely easy manner? No, you don’t need to know how to code sockets, HTTP, SSL, or parse your own JSON text.  In fact, the APIs provided are available in your choice of programming languages.  It’s all available for you in the new z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit, made available in z/OS V2R2 and even rolled back to V2R1.  Come to the SHARE Orlando session: “Native z/OS JSON Parsing and HTTP services” on Tuesday at 11:15 and find out how you can give an energy drink to your applications without the crash at the end!

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