(E)JES V5R5 Now Generally Available with Support for z/OS V2.2 Enhancements

El Segundo, CA—24 September 2015: Phoenix Software International recently announced the general availability of (E)JES V5R5 with support for z/OS V2.2 enhancements. This support includes two new displays related to the new JES2 dependent job control capability, the Job Groups and Job Group Jobs displays. In addition, new columns have been added to the JES2 Input and Job Status displays to support the JES2 deadline scheduling feature available in z/OS V2.2.

“We are very pleased to offer day-one support for z/OS V2.2 JES2 enhancements that provide important capabilities previously available only to JES3 customers.” said Ed Jaffe, chief technology officer, Phoenix Software International.

(E)JES V5R5 also provides day-one support for JES3 enhancements in z/OS V2.2, including output disposition, JCL symbols, and movement of key data structures into 64-bit storage.

A number of enhancements have been made to (E)JES Web, including the ability to download data as text or PDF, support for extracting report data to z/OS UNIX file systems and other user interface and performance improvements.

Phoenix Software International, Inc. is a major systems software development company providing software solutions to enterprises around the world. Phoenix offers a wide range of products for the mainframe platform as well as Windows- and Web-based workstation platforms.

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