What do you think about “Big Data – Big Analytics – Big Needs”?

Tell us your thoughts now and at SHARE in Atlanta

By Karla Houser

We all know that our organizations have lots of data. It accumulates so quickly it’s often difficult to maintain and obtain enough storage capacity. Then, we are expected to be able to abstract knowledge and value from all of the data in its myriad of formats. Add to that the efforts needed to keep up with new architectures, technologies and methodologies to help us mine the information from the data and you have a ""challenging situation.”

“In a digitized world, consumers going about their day—communicating, browsing, buying, sharing, searching—create their own enormous trails of data,” according to a May 2011 McKinsey Global Institute report (to download the full report click ""Full Report"" in the ""Downloads"" bar above the article). So how do we, in IT, manage and provide the tools and techniques to analyze this mostly unstructured data? Or store it? Or search it? Or enable our organizations to find the valuable information in all of these bits and bytes?

We need your help to identify other topics related to ""Big Data – Big Analytics – Big Needs"" that are missing. What else should SHARE be offering in this arena? Do you have information related to this that you would like to share with others? We need your help to build our program for Anaheim. SHARE will also offer attendees the opportunity to participate in a Big Data focus group scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, March 14. Insights gathered in this discussion will help to direct the Big Data session track for SHARE in Anaheim happening August 5-10, 2012. Watch for details in your registration materials. We look forward to hearing from you both online and at SHARE in Atlanta March 11-16.

Post your ideas, join us in Atlanta for some interesting discussions, and stay tuned for some possible agenda additions in Atlanta. Your participation can help the IT community manage the challenges inherent in this arena.

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