2019 SHARE Election Information

Letter from the Nominating Committee Chairman

An often asked question to SHARE people at events or at home is “What is SHARE?”  Like the blind men describing an elephant, there are many answers to that question.  Among the answers is that SHARE is a Member owned Delaware non-profit corporation run by a Board of Directors on behalf of those Members.  Each year, there is an election for part of the board.  In my role as the Immediate Past President of SHARE, I am tasked with chairing the Nominating Committee to seek out people that are qualified to be a candidate for the Board of SHARE.

The Nominating Committee is looking for good people from a diverse background to help set the future direction of SHARE, to be stewards of the 63-year old institution within the Enterprise IT community. 

We will be proposing a slate of candidates for 2 Director positions at the upcoming summer SHARE meeting in Pittsburgh.  We are talking with many individuals who are interested in being considered as a candidate, and will conduct interviews at SHARE in Phoenix.  It is a chance to better understand the organization and make sure it is meeting the needs of the Members.

Service on the SHARE Board of Directors offers an unusual opportunity to participate at the highest level of management, and deal with larger issues than normally encountered in many of our day-to-day jobs. While the time spent each week on SHARE work is usually no more than that spent by many SHARE volunteers, those who are selected for the final slate will be required to provide a written statement of commitment signed by themselves and their manager. The conditions are more formally defined in the questionnaire that each potential candidate is asked to complete.

Click here for a copy of our questionnaire.

If you have any questions about the process, think you might be interested in being considered, or know someone whom you would like to recommend, please reach out to me or any Nominating Committee member.

Please send completed questionnaires to

On behalf of the members of the SHARE Nominating Committee, I thank you for
your support of SHARE.

A. Harry Williams
Immediate Past President
Nominating Committee Chair

SHARE 2018-19 Nominating Committee 

Brian Peterson UnitedHealth Group
Marty Zimelis, maz/Consultancy
Sujay Solomon, CA Technologies
Scott Fagen, 21st Century Software Inc
Harry Williams, Marist College