IBM MQ Queue Manager Clustering


Queue manager clustering is so simple, and yet so unforgiving, it is often a challenge to plan, implement and manage. It can be especially daunting when a new system architect or MQ administrator is taking over an existing MQ cluster infrastructure and trying to figure out how things fit together. This course will take you through what queue manager clustering is designed to do (and not to do), and the objects, functions, and commands used to build and manage a cluster. This course also includes MQ for z/OS queue managers, so you can see that clustering is truly no different on big iron. Problem determination is emphasized, including how to trace routing paths to determine where messages may have gone in the cluster and how to verify the configuration is what you expect. This course features hands-on labs for you to build your own cluster and test out a range of clustering capability and commands.     

Meet the Instructors


Kenishia Callaway

Client Technical Specialist, IBM Middleware

Kenishia Callaway is a Client Technical Specialist for IBM Middleware. She has been at IBM for 13 years, beginning her career as a Hardware Specialist and later moving to Software Group. Her focus is in the area of IBM Connectivity and API solutions, and she works with customers across North America to conduct Proof of Technologies and Proof of Concepts in those areas. She also speaks at customer councils, summits and conferences about the value of Enterprise Integration and the API Economy. 


Lyn Elkins

IBM Washington System Center

Lyn Elkins is with the IBM Washington System Center. She provides support for IBM MQ, MFT and AMS, specifically on System z hardware. Lyn spends a great deal of her time working with performance and management issues for MQ for z/OS. She develops educational material and hands-on labs for a number of customer events – all to highlight new product features and functions and to provide samples for MQ application programmers and administrators. Her duties include providing in-depth technical assistance for the MQ family whenever and where ever needed.


Mitch Johnson

IBM Washington System Center

Mitch Johnson is with the IBM Washington System Center where he provides technical support for  z/OS Connect EE, IBM MQ and IBM Operational Decision Manager products, specifically on System z hardware. This support includes the development of educational materials and hands-on exercises designed to demonstrate the functionality provided by the product. Support also includes providing in-depth technical assistance for these products whenever and where ever needed.


Shalawn King

IBM z Cloud Technical Specialist, IBM

Shalawn King is an IBM z Cloud Technical Specialist assigned to cover accounts primarily in the Financial Services Sector (FSS). She has been at IBM for over 16 years, with a background in IBM DASD Systems Test, now focusing on the IBM Z Software Cloud portfolio. Her current expertise is in the IBM middleware and integration portfolio and strategies. In addition to advocating for customers on how to strategically modernize and leverage their Z platform, Shalawn also works with customers by helping them enhance, deploy and implement leading-edge solutions across the IBM Z enterprise.


Mark Taylor

MQ Developer, IBM

Mark has worked for IBM at the Hursley laboratory in England for over 30 years and has worked in a variety of development and services roles. He wrote code for the early versions of MQ, porting it to numerous Unix operating systems. He has worked on MQ strategy, defining content for new releases of the product and is still writing code. He is a frequent speaker at technical conferences, giving in-depth education about the product, and providing consultancy about MQ implementations.

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