Activities at SHARE Phoenix

> Welcome Reception at Corona Ranch

Kick off your week at SHARE Phoenix during an unforgettable Sunday night Welcome Reception at Corona Ranch, where you'll enjoy an authentic southwestern experience — just miles from the Phoenix Convention Center!

Join your fellow attendees for a Mexican fiesta and more fun activities, all in the shadow of South Mountain in Phoenix. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by a mariachi band and refreshing drinks, and you'll enjoy a delicious meal al fresco. There will be no shortage of exciting activities to take advantage of during your time at the Ranch.

We're offering complimentary bus rides to and from the Corona Ranch, starting at 5:30 p.m. from the Sheraton Grand Phoenix. Make sure to arrive early to secure your seat. The Welcome Reception will take place from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. and is completely outdoors.

Bus transportation sponsored by  Broadcom_Logo_Red-Black_no-tag.png

> Secure Z! The Escape Room Experience 

In this collaborative Escape Room experience, participants play the roles of newly hired z/OS security professionals investigating a possible insider threat to a massive data breach.  It’s a fun mix of logic puzzles and security best practices on IBM Z, including Pervasive Encryption. With just an hour to complete their task, teams are encouraged to compete for the fastest time & highest score in the game. Plus, several clues stem from the new Enterprise Knights video curriculum on IBM Z Secure Engineering; play the game and discover how to earn your badge as a Knight-Errant!

We have eight opportunities throughout SHARE Phoenix for you to try your luck in the Secure Z! The Escape Room Experience. Sign up to secure your spot!

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> IBM Champions for Z

SHARE welcomes the IBM Champions for Z at SHARE Phoenix! The IBM Champions are innovative thought leaders made up of IT professionals, business leaders, developers, and educators in the technical community who influence and mentor others to help them revolutionize and transform digitally with IBM software, solutions, and services. Spot these individuals at the event by looking for their red ribbons. Don’t hesitate to ask them a question!

> Women in IT

SHARE_337503-19_Women in IT Logo_Final_Full Color.pngWe're excited to announce a brand new track: Women in IT. Through a series of networking opportunities, panel discussions, and sessions presented by women in the field, this new track aims to support our existing members and create opportunities to welcome more women into SHARE.