Presentation Resources

New to public speaking? Looking for tips to improve your presentation delivery? Below are tips/tricks to help you prepare for the event.

Deliver a Successful Presentation

Follow these tips for delivering a successful presentation:

Practice | Practice aloud to rehearse the timing and build your confidence.

Tailor Content | Keep your audience and learning outcomes in mind.

Build Rapport | Introduce yourself and contribute a relevant anecdote. Provide your contact information on your concluding slide.

Engage with the Audience | Pose thought provoking questions and encourage participants to utilize the Q&A or chat function.

Deliver | Remember to breathe between ideas and enunciate when speaking.

Visual Engagement | Advance slides regularly or add animations and graphs to slides.

Prepare Your Speech

You have knowledge to share. Attendees are eager to learn from you. Below are tips/tricks to help you prepare your content.  

Additional Tips for Preparing for and Delivering your Speech:

> Turning Your Proposal into a Presentation

> Communicating Technical Concepts

> Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

> Adult Learning Concepts

Build Your Presentation Material

While preparing your presentation material, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the information compliment my speech?
  • Does the information flow naturally?
  • Do I know the material well enough to not need notes?

Additional Tips for Preparing your Presentation Material:

> Turning Your Proposal into a Presentation

> Designing Your Presentation

> Engaging a Virtual Audience

Presentation Template

The template provided features a 16:9 ratio due to having widescreen projectors in all session rooms. As a result, all speakers must format presentations following a 16:9 layout in an effort to make SHARE presentations uniform as well as to ensure you will be able to utilize the full-screen potential. While all session speakers are not required to use the provided template, we do request that all SHARE-wide speakers (SHARE Management Training, SHARE Orientation for First-time Attendees, Open Board, etc.) use this template for presentations. Our hope is that using the template will help to decrease your preparation time. Download the SHARE template here.

Tips for Using the Template

Troubleshooting Template Formatting

Transferring a Presentation from 4:3 to 16:9

Trademark and Intellectual Property

SHARE reminds all speakers to properly use trademarks and intellectual property. Specifically, SHARE recommends that all trademarks be presented in capital letters and that they are used as adjectives, and not as nouns, verbs or generic names.

SHARE also recommends using the appropriate designation in connection with registered (®) and unregistered (™) marks, with an acknowledgment of the owner. In addition, SHARE advises that any use of the intellectual property of a third party must comply with applicable federal and state laws.

Vendor Sponsored Presentation Guidelines

In order to provide our members with information regarding non-IBM products, we have made provisions to allow vendor presentations at SHARE. To provide this information in an orderly fashion and in a manner consistent with the mission and policies of SHARE, click here to view the following guidelines that must be used.

Canons of Conduct

As a speaker at SHARE, you're expected to abide by SHARE's Canons of Conduct. For greater detail, click here to view the SHARE Bylaws and Policies document in its entirety.