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> Monday, August 13

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> Tuesday, August 14

Open Innovation and Attracting the Next Generation of Developers and Architects to the Mainframe

Mainframes power major sectors of the global economy and are at the heart of a vibrant ecosystem of developers, architects, system integrators and end users. Organizations can get even more benefit and competitive advantage as the mainframe adapts to the next generation of software platforms, technologies, and engineers. Attend this keynote to hear senior executives from IBM, CA Technologies and Rocket Software discuss the latest innovations for IBM Z and the z/OS environment. A panel of new tenure mainframers will discuss what attracts them to the platform and provide insight into the next generation developers and architects. Learn how open source tools and frameworks can help accelerate software development, meet growing digital business demands, lower the barrier to entry for the next generation, and how you can be a part of this innovative community that will shape the future of mainframes.

Barry Baker
Vice President, IBM Z Software

Greg Lotko
General Manager, Mainframe at CA Technologies

Andy Youniss
President & CEO, Rocket Software