SHARE Session Type Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to provide clarity around the definitions associated with the different session types available as part of the SHARE event schedule. These guidelines may not cover every possible scenario but are intended to aid in the decision-making process. All SHARE Senior Management decisions concerning disputed session types will be considered final.

Sessions purchased as a sponsorship opportunity through the SHARE sales organization are not eligible for video recording.

The following session type is purchased as a sponsorship opportunity through the SHARE sales organization:

Partner Sponsored Presentation (PSP)

A Partner Sponsored Presentation session is one that is primarily about a partner’s product or services and its uses. These sessions are allowed to be sales/marketing focused. These sessions are purchased.

Please note: Breakfast and Learn/Lunch and Learn sessions are also considered to be Partner Sponsored Presentations.

PSPs also have the following characteristics:

  • May be about any aspect of a partner’s product or service.
  • Provide a product/service overview.
  • May be more of a “Marketing glossy” versus “Technical manual.”
  • SHARE Technology Exchange Expo (trade show) Rules apply to these sessions.

Please note: The following apply ONLY to PSPs:

  • Partners are allowed to offer raffles and/or giveaways and gather leads during their allotted presentation time.
  • Companies are required to purchase exhibit space at the SHARE Technology Exchange Expo to be eligible to purchase a Partner Sponsored Presentation.
  • Food and/or beverages are not permitted (except in Breakfast and Learns or Lunch and Learns).
  • Remind attendees that they do not have permission to record the content on personal devices.

The following session types must be approved by the sponsoring Project:

Vendor (VEND) Session

A Vendor session is one that is primarily about a vendor’s product or service and its implementation, how to utilize it effectively and/or how to use it to solve problems. These sessions may include participation by a user speaker; however, the session may still be classified as a Vendor session if the primary focus is on a particular vendor’s product or service.

A VEND session (versus a PSP session):

  • May be about a product or service; however, the content must be about its implementation, how to utilize it effectively and/or how to use it to solve problems.
  • Are you teaching me something? Are you providing in-depth information, not an overview?
  • It has “Technical manual” content versus “Marketing glossy” content.

A VEND session (versus a USER session):

  • Presented by a speaker compensated by or sponsored by product/service vendor.
  • May include testimonial about product/service by speaker.
  • A session advertised as “user experience” (in the title or abstract) but presented by a third party, not an employee of the actual user company.

User (USER) Session

The content of a User session is focused on the implementation, management and/or use in resolving problems and challenges of enterprise technology. Typically, these sessions are not focused on any specific vendor’s products or services; however, products may be seen in examples. Speaker(s) in a User session are not affiliated with a product/service vendor and/or have no direct financial interest in the subject being presented. User experiences with a vendor’s products or services may be presented ONLY if done independently of the vendor of the product or service.

A USER session (versus a VEND session):

  • Presented by an independent speaker employed by user company.
  • Speaker is not being compensated by or receiving incentive from any vendor to support or endorse a product.
  • Content is typically not focused on any specific vendor’s products/services, though products may be seen in examples.

SHARE Canons of Conduct apply for all session types. The only exemption is for PSP sessions where Canons C and D do not apply. Learn more