Sponsorship Tiers

Sponsorship items within the Tiers are available to Premier Sponsors at no additional charge based on package purchased. See the Sponsorship Opportunities page to determine how many items for each Tier your package is entitled to.

> Tier 1

  • Designed to allow sponsors to make a high profile impact on a SHARE event, our "wow"-inducing sponsorship opportunities are in Tier 1.
  • Initially, these items are exclusively available to Platinum Sponsors. 
  • Gold Sponsors can swap their Tier 2 items for access to a Tier 1 item after Platinum Sponsors selection period ends. 

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Item Quantity Available
+ Emcee 1
+ Keynote Commercial (Mon/Tues)


+ Registration Bags 1
+ Sunday Open House (Entertainment) 1
+ Sunday Open House (Food, Decor, Name) 1
+ Sunday Open House (Specialty Beverage) 1
+ Sunday Open House (Specialty Food Item) 1
+ Thursday Farewell Happy Hour (Entertainment) 1
+ Thursday Farewell Happy Hour (Food, Decor, Name) 1
+ Thursday Farewell Happy Hour (Specialty Beverage) 1
+ Thursday Farewell Happy Hour (Specialty Food Item) 1

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> Tier 2

  • Designed to influence attendees, drive traffic to sponsors' booths, and elevate attendee experience, opportunities to draw focused attention are in Tier 2. 
  • Initially, these items will be exclusively available to Platinum and Gold Sponsors. 
  • Silver Sponsors can swap their Tier 3 items for access to a Tier 2 item after Platinum and Gold Sponsors selection periods ends. 

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Item Quantity Available
+ Badge Lanyards 1
+ Coffee Break Stations - Exclusive 1
+ Hosted Specialty Beer Bar (STE - Monday)


+ Hosted Specialty Beer Bar (STE - Tuesday) Unlimited
+ Hosted Specialty Cocktail Bar (STE - Monday) Unlimited
+ Hosted Specialty Cocktail Bar (STE - Tuesday) Unlimited
+ Hosted Specialty Wine Bar (STE - Monday) Unlimited
+ Hosted Specialty Wine Bar (STE - Tuesday) Unlimited
+ Hotel Room Drop Unlimited
+ Hotel Room Key Cards 1
+ Laptop Charging Stations - Exclusive 1
+ Mobile App - Exclusive 1
+ Monday Welcome Reception (STE) 1
+ Staff Shirts & Fleeces 1
+ Sunday Open House (Beer & Wine) 1
+ Thursday Farewell Happy Hour (Beer & Wine) 1
+ Tuesday Evening Reception (STE) 1

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> Tier 3

  • Designed to raise a sponsors' profile, instill name recognition and drive brand discussion, opportunities to engage attendees throughout the week are in Tier 3. 
  • These items will be available to all premier sponsor levels. 

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Item Quantity Available
+ Directional Footprints - Co-Sponsored 3
+ Enhanced Mobile App Listing Unlimited
+ Event T-Shirt - Co-Sponsored


+ Exhibit Hall Tote Bags


+ Keynote Chair Drop (Monday) Unlimited
+ Keynote Chair Drop (Tuesday) Unlimited
+ Koozies (Thursday Farewell Happy Hour) Unlimited
+ Mobile App Rotating Banner Unlimited
+ Pre-Show Mailing Unlimited
+ Passport to Prizes 30
+ Registration Bag Insert Unlimited
+ Registration Counters 1
+ Sponsor Banner Unlimited
+ Sponsored Cups Unlimited
+ Technical Session Signs 1
+ Vendor Sponsored Presentation Venue dependent quantity
+ Webcast Unlimited
+ Wednesday Afternoon Dessert Break - Co-Sponsored 3

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Sponsorship items with minimal quantities are available on a first-come, first-served basis. See Sponsorship Selection Rules for details. SHARE offers a discount for exhibitors who pay with cash, check or wire transfer. Sponsorship items list subject to change.